Automatic writing (or automatism) is a surrealist technique where one starts writing while in a "receptive" frame of mind. The idea is to start writing, and continue without thinking of what is starting to appear. Write as fast as you can, not stopping to make any corrections or revisions within your text. Go ahead, give it a try!

Automatic Writing (via Encyclopedia Britannica):

In spiritualism, writing produced involuntarily when the subject's attention is ostensibly directed elsewhere. The phenomenon may occur when the subject is in an alert waking state or in a hypnotic trance, usually during a sťance. What is produced may be unrelated words, fragments of poetry, epithets, puns, obscenities, or well-organized fantasies. During the late 19th century, at the height of popular interest in the phenomenon, inspiration for automatic writing was generally attributed to external or supernatural forces. Since the advent, around 1900, of theories of personality that postulate unconscious as well as conscious motivation, the inspiration for automatic writing has been assumed to be completely internal.

Modern psychodynamic theories of personality propose that traits, attitudes, motives, impulses, and memories that are incompatible with the person's conscious awareness may be dissociated from awareness and rarely expressed overtly in the course of normal waking behaviour. These elements may be revealed, however, in the content of automatic writing.

Some of these works take the form of traditional poetry, others are just a jumble of senseless babble. I just think it's kind of silly, don't you? Fuzzy hairy noseballs.


I am seen to noone. Heard to all. Thoughts transcend consciousness above all things the need to express.

Thirsty blue curled up toes, lying on your couch I dream of pumpernickle horsehoes. Clinging to an afterthought. Three tiny pebbles set in a row.

I once had a dream that I could fly.
It was a wonderful dream.
I soared high above the treetops,
Lookin down on all the tiny people.
"Miniscule ants" I thought.
(Are there any other kind?)

My kitchen appliances don't bother me anymore.

Thought evokes emotion.
Emotion provokes thought.
Thought spurs action.
Action berates innocence.
Innocence creates ignorance.




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