Any form of digital artwork may be submitted (photography included). Please save your work at 72 dpi and at a reasonable size. Any digital work or photography may be sent as an email attachment as long as it is saved in the .gif or .jpg file format. Your work doesn't need to be created just for the gallery can submit already existing pieces if you wish. And most importantly...BE CREATIVE! Remember...there are no boundaries; there are no limits.

Send your work to Also, include your name and a website address if you have one so I will be able to give you proper credit.

Note: All images open in a pop-up window.

Organic Winds by Jens Karlsson site:
Enz-and-Benz by Jeff Feller site:
Surprise Package by Simon Billam site:
ImmerceFly by TheWildMan508 site: n/a
Splash Cover by Jukka Merikanto site:
Apparatus/Method/Conclusion by Chris Hall site:
Immerse Jump by David Hubner site:
Coin-Op/ Web Toolz 1999 by Jonah Brucker-Cohen site:
Headache by Kalx site:
Fashion Whore by Richard McCoy site:


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