Ok. So I'm not exactly Jack Kerouac. Some of these are actually lyrics I have come up with for songs...some I have fully written, some are just thoughts. I'd like to think of them all as works in progress. I really just think that I need to take a creative writing class.


I don't have to say outloud
The things I'm thinking
...I'm feeling.
You know.
You've been there too.
So i've locked them away.

It's cold there but I need it.
And these things that
Take me far away
Are but distant memories.
Memories that can keep you awake at night.

Perhaps some things are better laid to rest.

But my thoughts remain unclear.
The voices still muffled.
Trying to escape my thin pursed lips.
Wanting to reach the clean, unscathed air.
But my hand knows not what my heart does,
Too naive. Grasping at my chest;
Reaching for the cold steely knife
To cut them out and set them free.

Shield my eyes
I still see.

Cover my mouth
I still breathe.

I used to speak to you so easily.
No barriers. Thoughts as one.
Our bodies attuned to light.

Was I wrong to feel that way?
To think that way?

If not for love what holds thy grace.
A lonely moon in a night time sky.
An unfelt touch.
An empty vase.
To still the air and calm the tides.

If not for love what comfort holds
That dry the silent tears of a stronghold heart.
A hundred days of a thousand nights.
Both join as one then slowly part.



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