For the longest time, I was trying to decide what the purpose of Immerse was. What was my ultimate goal? What was my mission? There was a time when I spent countless hours visiting the best design sites, signing guest books, exchanging links, examining my stats, pouring over my referrer logs - I wanted to become "popular". I wanted to make my mark on the seemingly vast entity we have come to know as the web. After a while I became so obsessed with who was visiting my site and why, that I lost track of what I was really trying to do in the first place.

And then for the first time, it happened. Some people would call it an Epiphany. I wasn't exactly sure what it was. What I do know is that it totally opened my eyes.

You see, I realized that Immerse is about everything. I also realized that Immerse isn't about anything. It's whatever I want it to be. Immerse is merely a digital representation of myself - a retrospect introspect of my life. My own personal storage space if you will.

Perception is a funny thing you know? We often have the power of controlling what we want others to see. Especially on the web. But not here. What you see is what you get. No smoke. No mirrors. Just the plain and simple truth.

Don't get me wrong - Immerse is mainly for me. But to tell you the truth I couldn't have done it with out You. There have been so many people and places on the web that have inspired me. For that I am forever grateful...

Oh, and one more thing: "I'd like to thank the Academy..."




From Digital-

" begins to realize that design is not about just being accepted by designing to please others. It's about designing with a passion in what you believe in."